Taylor Swift encounters stage malfunction

Taylor Swift faced a stage malfunction during her recent concert in Cincinnati on her Eras Tour.

It happened as she concluded the “Reputation” era with her song “Look What You Made Me Do.” The stage had specific spots where she was supposed to be lowered and raised, which had been used multiple times during the night to transition between eras.

Keen-eyed fans managed to capture Taylor Swift’s response to the apparent stage malfunction. As the stage failed to move, the 33-year-old singer remained in place for several seconds, even stomping her foot once to indicate the problem.

Taylor Swift quickly ran towards a door at the back of the stage, passing her dancers, to change her outfit before the “Speak Now” section of the evening.

Fans’ videos on social media showed that the stage started to lower only a few seconds after Taylor Swift ran off. This supported the evidence of the stage malfunction.

Taylor Swift, in response to the viral moment on TikTok, humorously commented, “still swift af boi” in the video’s comment section.

The rest of the show went well, except for a small wardrobe mishap during “Lavender Haze” when Taylor Swift’s purple jacket got caught on her sequin dress. She quickly fixed it herself by subtly freeing the fabric from her dress.

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