The Vegas Golden Knights' Stanley Cup celebration was an epic display of jubilation and excitement

The team doused the Cup and their captain, Mark Stone, with champagne to mark their victory over the Florida Panthers in Game 5

Video footage captured the moment when players sprayed champagne all over the Cup and Stone, creating an unforgettable scene

The team's motto for the night was "THE ONLY PAIN WE WANT IS CHAMPAGNE," reflecting their determination to celebrate their achievement

Mark Stone added to the festivities by wearing the team's Elvis wig, sunglasses, and a makeshift championship belt, adding a touch of fun to the celebration

The players took the Stanley Cup to a Vegas club, where they proudly displayed it and were showered with confetti

William Karlsson, one of the Knights' star players, shared an adorable moment by placing his newborn baby in the Cup, capturing hearts and creating a touching memory

The celebration drew the attention of several celebrities, including Owen Wilson, 50 Cent, Darius Rucker, and Steve Aoki, who joined in the excitement and supported the team

The postgame champagne for the celebration was generously provided by 50 Cent, adding an unexpected twist to the night's festivities