Selena Gomez, recently shared a playful TikTok video that has excited her fans worldwide

In the video Selena can be seen flirting with soccer players while sitting on the sidelines and enjoying their game bringing a smile to her followers faces

The video received over 3.8 million likes and enthusiastic responses from her 58.3 million followers

Selena has a lighthearted approach to being single, as seen in her previous TikTok videos

Fans flooded the comments section with love and support, comparing the video to Selena's iconic character, Alex Russo, from the Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place,"

Selena's past relationships, including with Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber, have garnered attention

Selena's relatable content and genuine personality have made her beloved by her loyal followers

Selena's talent, humor, and relatability continue to captivate fans as she embraces her independence and looks forward to finding the right person