PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan recently had a meeting with players to discuss his change of stance on accepting funds from Saudi Arabia in a surprise collaboration

The meeting was described as intense highlighting the emotions and differing opinions surrounding the merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf

Monahan explained to the players that his decision was made in their best interests and aimed to reduce tension within the sport

The emergence of Saudi-funded LIV Golf as a rival to established golf circuits raised moral questions and led to lawsuits

The announcement of the merger between the PGA Tour European Tour and LIV Golf caught players off guard with some learning about it through social media

Social media platforms were flooded with player reactions ranging from surprise to skepticism and criticism

Monahan acknowledged the potential perception of hypocrisy but clarified that his previous statements were made when LIV Golf was seen as a competitor

 The meeting emphasized the significance of the merger and the need for open communication and transparency throughout the process

Details regarding the integration of players who switched to LIV Golf and the future of the LIV Golf entity are yet to be determined

 Moving forward the PGA Tour will continue discussions and evaluation to ensure the merger benefits all parties involved and shapes the future of professional golf