Most visited countries in the world

United Arab Emirate 11.5 million visitor

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is swiftly gaining popularity as a tourist destination due to its opulent lifestyles, spectacular architecture and myriad of attractions

Germany 11.7 million visitors

Despite its tragic history, Germany has been the cradle of notable thinkers, inventors and creatives shaping modern times. The contemporary architecture by Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind, grand museums and auto factories all reflect Germany's vibrant culture legacy

Austria 12.7 million

With its abudant history and culture Austria the worlds eight most frequented country welcome 12.7 million tourists annually. its stunning Alpine scenery aweinspiring snow clad peaks and grandios Baroque architecture offer a distinctively captivating holiday experience.

Greece 14.7 million visitors

imprinted with ancient empires Greece offers a blend of majestic cities and quaint villages many UNESCO sites along its serene coast famous for its boundless hospitality whether in towering restaurants or home prepared meals Greece truly embodies the joy of warmth and welcome

United States of America  22.1 million visitors

America famous for its vast cities and quaint towns attracted approximately 22.1 million tourists last year the growing trend of city  hopping and road tripping makes America's expansive highways an irresistible lure for travellers

Italy 26.9 million visitors

As the world's fifth most visited country Italy is synonymous with the arts from Byzantine architecure and Padua's frescoes to works by michelangelo and Da Vinci.  Aesthetic richness is ubiquitous here seen in abundant heritage sites Roman remnants, archaeological locales, churches and manors as well as its influential fashion industry

Turkey 29.9 million visited

Turkey with its desert warmth and sun soaked ruins vibrates with the energy of its dynamic cities. Its history shaped by Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans unfolds from the lively Istanbul to the picturesque Mediterranean coast

Spain 31.2 million visited

Brimming with passion Spain a haven for the good life is the world's third most sought after travel destination

Mexico 31.9 million visiters

Bursting with vitality Mexico the world's second most visited country boasts nearly 32 million visitors whether in vibrant celebrations or serene solitude its locals exhibit an infectious pride in their homeland always extending warm hospitality

France 48.4 million visiters

France the world's top travel destination welcomed a staggering 48.4 million visitors in 2022 with a tapestry of quaint villages and romantic cities its cultue is  showcased in both landmark sites and everyday scenes the grandeur of its gilded castles villas and cathedrals a testament to its rich royal history effortlessly emanates opulence