Barbarian – Ray Chase (Male) Chase has been working in the voice acting game since the late 90s but his career did not start to pick up since his role in World of Warcraft From there his career has picked up in gaming and anime

Barbarian – Laila Berzins (Female) she has made a mark in gaming and anime For games she has starred in World of Warcraft Smite Hades Genshin Impact Kingdom Hearts III Wasteland 3 Midnight Suns and more She has been featured in anime series like Demon Slayer and Pokemon

Druid – Andrew Morgado (Male) Morgado got his start in Command & Conquer with Generals and Generals – Zero Hour After World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria things were quiet for a few years until the ball got picked back up and started to roll quickly

Druid – Courtenay Taylor (Female) Taylor is in the same ballpark of the number of roles she has had but more consistency without a major gap like Morgado Early on in her career she starred in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic EverQuest II and World of Warcraft

Necromancer – Jesse Burch (Male) Burch not related to Ashly Burch is less of a voice actor in gaming He has mostly been in live-action series and movies Throughout his career he has had small roles in shows like The West Wing CSI: Miami  Nip/Tuck and The Mentalist

Necromancer –  Elle Newlands (Female) Newlands is more known for her acting in video games. While she had worked pre 2010s she had gotten a major project attached to her name with Skyrims Dragonborn DLC

Rogue – Andres Williams (Male) Williams started out on TV rather than voice acting in video games That time on TV included shows like Foyles War and Le Femme Musketeer  Later he lent his voice talents to shows like Thunderbirds Are Go and Jessy and Nessy  For gaming, he has starred in Elden Ring Live A Live The Forgotten City Watch Dogs: Legion Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Assassins Creed  Origins

Rogue – Anna Koval (Female) Koval is known for her British TV experience and video game roles For TV she has starred in Ripper Street Critical Inspector Lewis Misfits and Hunter For video games you can hear her voice in Dark Souls 2 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 World of Warcraft Demons Souls

Sorcerer – Joseph Balderrama (Male) Balderrama has acted since 2002 across movies TV shows and video games For film he has starred in Alien vs Predator Spectre Uncharted and The Batman On TV he can be seen in The Creature Cases Avenue 5 and Big Tree City In gaming he has been in Haze, Payday 2 Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series The Crew 2,  Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Horizon Forbidden West

Sorcerer –  Maya Saroya (Female) Saroya has been in about a dozen roles most of which have been TV shows She has starred in EastEnders Doctors and Casualty She was in the live action remake of Aladdin for her first major film Her only video game roles have been in Last Stop and Relicta Now she has a Diablo game under her belt we can start to hear more of her voice

When you spend hours with a character in a game you might want to know more about the voice behind the animated face