Lionel Messi  has decided to delay his move to Al Hilal

Initially it was expected that Messi would join Al Hilal soon after leaving Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

Fans and soccer enthusiasts were surprised by the news of the delay

The exact reasons for the postponement have not been revealed leaving people to wonder

Its possible that Messi wants more time to think about his options and explore other opportunities before committing to Al Hilal

Personal reasons family considerations or a desire for a different soccer experience might have influenced his decision

Al Hilal will need to adjust their plans now that Messi's arrival has been delayed

This extra time could give the club a chance to strengthen their team and better prepare for Messi's eventual arrival

Messi's decision to postpone the move shows that he wants to carefully think about his future

Fans and experts are eagerly waiting for updates on Messi's plans and which team he will eventually join