Lana Del Rey works at an Alabama Waffle House

Lana Del Rey the 38 year old singer songwriter was spotted at a Waffle House in Florence Alabama on July 20th

She was seen pouring coffee and chatting with customers while wearing a full employee uniform complete with a name tag that said "Lana."

During her break times she graciously took photos with fans holding a blue vape pen in hand

The reason behind her sudden employment at the Waffle House remains unknown as Lana and others on the scene have not provided any official explanation

Lana Del Rey is known for incorporating Americana aesthetics and traditions in her music even mentioning Florence in one of her tracks

Fans who met her at the restaurant described the experience as surreal praising her for being lovely and incredibly nice

Some fans find the situation humorous and characteristic of Lana's unserious nature

Apart from the Waffle House visit Lana was also seen in other locations in Alabama including getting her nails done at a salon in Birmingham and signing autographs outside an America's Thrift Store in Florence

Billboard reached out to Lana's representatives for comment on the incident but no official statement has been released yet

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