Conor McGregor's presence at the NBA Finals was met with boos from Heat fans

During a promotional skit McGregor punched and knocked out the Heat mascot

Mascot performer hospitalized after the incident

With 7:35 left in the third quarter Heat coach Erik Spoelstra called a timeout as the Denver Nuggets extended their lead causing unease among the Miami crowd

Despite the tense moment in the game a skit and promotion featuring McGregor took place at center court promoting his new pain relief spray

As part of the staged bit McGregor engaged in a fake fight with Burnie the Heat's mascot who was dressed in a boxing robe and oversized golden boxing gloves

McGregor unexpectedly punched and knocked out Burnie during the skit, resulting in a more significant impact than intended

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The person inside the Burnie costume had to be taken to the hospital for medical attention

 The timing of the skit during the game and its overall vibe led to Heat fans booing McGregor

McGregor stayed for the rest of the game a Heat loss putting them in a 3-1 hole in the Finals