Rosalía nearly cried while performing in Paris before Rauw Alejandro split news

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have decided to end their engagement after being together for three years, as confirmed by PEOPLE on Tuesday:

Shortly before the announcement of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro calling off their engagement on Tuesday, the Spanish singer tried to fight back tears while performing on stage.

At the recent Lollapalooza Paris event, Rosalía, aged 30, performed on stage and became visibly emotional while singing her song “Hentai.” The crowd showed their support by joining in and assisting her in singing the passionate and sensual ballad.

Based on videos filmed by fans during the performance, the Grammy winner could be seen wiping her eyes while delivering a piano rendition of the track. She briefly paused a few times throughout the song to compose herself. However, with the crowd’s support, She managed to complete the song with a smile on her face.

The performance took place just days before the news of the breakup, and it also marked the conclusion of the “Saoko” musician’s Motomami World Tour, which gave her multiple reasons to feel emotional.

PEOPLE magazine confirmed on Tuesday that Rosalía and Alejandro, aged 30, have ended their relationship after being together for over three years. The couple had previously announced their engagement in March.

According to sources from PEOPLE, even though the singers have a deep love and respect for each other, they have mutually decided to call off their engagement.

Rosalía and Alejandro were initially rumored to be dating in August 2021, and they officially confirmed their relationship on social media the following month.

In March 2022, She disclosed that she had a tattoo of “RR” on her foot. She informed Teen Vogue that she had discussed with Alejandro beforehand and decided to ink the initials they both shared since Alejandro’s given last name is Ruiz.

The following month, Alejandro made public that he had a tattoo of “Rosalía” inked above his navel in a handwritten font.

In March, the couple announced their engagement in the music video for their song “Beso,” which was part of their joint EP RR.

In that same month, Rosalía and Alejandro discussed their relationship in an interview with Billboard. They shared insights into what they had learned from each other and how they applied those lessons to their work.

According to Alejandro’s statement to the outlet, he acknowledged that Rosalía has a stronger musical foundation compared to him, as he tends to be more outgoing in his music. He praised her discipline and described her as a dedicated workaholic, engaging in piano lessons, dance lessons, and voice training to further enhance her unique singing style. Initially, he didn’t fully understand the extent of her efforts, but with time, he decided to follow her lead, and he noticed a significant difference in his own approach to music.

She mentioned that her then-fiancé was notably more laid-back and relaxed than she is, and this quality of his helped her maintain a sense of balance in their relationship.

During the interview, Rosalía expressed to Alejandro that while her career holds great significance in her life, he remains her companion and top priority, with everything else coming second.

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