Kim Kardashian looks hauntingly unrecognizable in American Horror Story: Delicate

We’ve seen a lot of Kim Kardashian over the years, but her role in American Horror Story: Delicate is unlike anything we’ve seen before. And that’s saying a lot, considering she’s tried every trend out there.

On July 20, FX released the initial teaser trailer for the newest installment of Ryan Murphy’s anthology series, American Horror Story: Delicate. Kim Kardashian will be making her acting debut in the show, sharing the screen with Cara Delevingne and Emma Roberts.

The 30-second preview doesn’t give away much about the plot, which seems to be adapted from Danielle Valentine’s novel, Delicate Condition. As for Kardashian’s role, it remains shrouded in mystery with little information revealed in the teaser. ( On IMDb, her role is listed as Siobhan Walsh )

Similar to Delevingne and Roberts, Kim Kardashian, who is 42 years old, dons a platinum blonde wig in the teaser. Her skin is also painted with an alabaster white color to match. Alongside the two stars, other background actors dressed in patent leather outfits and sporting blood-red lips sway eerily to a haunting version of the lullaby “Rock-a-Bye Baby.” The teaser ends with a final shot of Kardashian holding a baby.

When Kim Kardashian’s casting was revealed in April, the outspoken Patti LuPone shared her views on the decision while appearing on Watch What Happens Live, which happens to be one of my favorite talk shows.

During a segment called “Do They Give a Damn” on the show, host Andy Cohen asked Patti LuPone, who had previously appeared on American Horror Story: Coven and AHS: NYC, about her thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s casting news. LuPone responded affirmatively, saying, “Yes, I do care.” Cohen then suggested, “You don’t like it, do you?” to which LuPone honestly replied, “No, I don’t.”

“Excuse me, Kim,” the renowned stage and screen star addressed Kardashian directly, “What are you doing with your life?”

During the WWHL episode, John Leguizamo, who was with LuPone, chimed in, “I feel the same way, times two.”

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