Google does what Apple should have done for the iPad years ago

Google plans to improve the Google Play store by promoting good quality tablet apps and calling out developers who haven’t put in enough effort.

Google thinks that by making this move, developers will be motivated to create apps that are specially designed for large-screen devices, including foldable phones like the Pixel Fold.

Apple may want to consider emphasizing apps that work well on tablets, similar to Google’s approach. While some iPad apps are impressive, the App Store still contains many tablet apps that are essentially just phone apps enlarged for larger screens.

Google recently unveiled a new policy through a post on the Android Developers Blog, stating that they have implemented several ranking adjustments on the Play Store to elevate the quality of apps that excel on large screens. The goal is to promote high-quality apps optimized for bigger devices.

As a result, Google will rank apps and games higher in search and Apps and Games Home if they follow the large screen app quality guidelines. This will make it easier for Android tablet and foldable phone users to discover apps that resize well, avoid letterboxing, and support both portrait and landscape orientations.

Furthermore, Google states that app product pages will provide information about how well an app performs on large-screen devices, assisting users in understanding what to expect from the app’s behavior.

Google and Android have faced challenges in persuading developers to create apps optimized for tablets, which has also affected large-screen foldable phones. The company undoubtedly anticipates that this initiative will encourage developers to invest additional time and effort in enhancing the appearance and functionality of their apps on these devices.

For Apple, the issue of app resizing might be one of the factors contributing to its hesitation in entering the foldable phone market with its own bendable iPhone.

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