Doja Cat fans deactivating Twitter accounts due to her mocking their ‘Kittenz’ nickname

Doja Cat made fun of her fans online for calling themselves “Kittenz.”

Doja Cat posted on the Threads app, encouraging fans who used the unofficial nickname “Kittenz” to mature. It seems her Threads account has been deactivated since then.

My fans don’t give themselves names,” she started. “If you’re calling yourself a ‘kitten’ or ‘kittenz,’ it means you should get off your phone, find a job, and contribute to your family.”

In response to her post, a fan account with the username @thekittenzweb asked, “What should I rename myself since you’re not fond of the term ‘kitten’?”

Doja responded, saying, “Just delete the whole account and reconsider everything; it’s never too late.”

In addition to addressing fans who used the name “Kittenz,” Doja also criticized a fan who had her birth name as their username.

“Doja expressed her discomfort with an account having my actual name as their handle,” she wrote in response to a user with the username @amalazandiledlamlni. Her real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini.”

After Doja’s response, several prominent fan pages, such as Doja HQ and The Kittens Room, chose to deactivate their Twitter accounts.

In response to Doja’s original message, some fans decided to confront the rapper on Twitter. Quoting her own actions, one fan wrote, “This is coming from Doja Cat??? The same woman who was meowing at the Met Gala..?” Another supporter urged Doja to “show some respect for us.” They added, “You should know that it’s been the kittens who have defended you all these years whenever you did something controversial.”

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