Google does what Apple should have done for the iPad years ago

Google does what Apple should have done for the iPad years ago

Google plans to improve the Google Play store by promoting good quality tablet apps and calling out developers who haven’t put in enough effort. Google thinks that by making this move, developers will be motivated to create apps that are specially designed for large-screen devices, including foldable phones like the Pixel Fold. Apple may want … Read more

After iPhone 15, Apple aims for a bezel-less iPhone future

Reportedly, iPhone 15 will feature slimmer display bezels, but Apple is already requesting manufacturers to explore completely bezel-less displays for a forthcoming model. “Innovations in iPhone Displays: Trickle-Edge Display and the Possibility of Charging Port Removal” According to reports, iPhone 15 is expected to have narrower display bezels. Meanwhile, Apple is already urging manufacturers to … Read more

Apple may face iPhone shortages this fall due to manufacturing issues

According to a recent report, Apple’s latest iPhone Pro and Pro Max models could experience shortages this fall as the company grapples with manufacturing difficulties. Apple and its suppliers have encountered challenges in implementing a “new manufacturing process” for the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. This process aims to enable a larger screen … Read more