Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman break up after 2 years

Bella Hadid, 26, and Marc Kalman, 34, have recently ended their relationship after over two years of dating. The split was amicable, and both of them understand that they had grown apart. Bella is taking this time to focus on personal growth, and there are no hard feelings between them.

In July 2020, Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman were spotted leaving a café together in New York City, sparking romance rumors. They chose to keep their relationship private for almost a year. However, later on, the model confirmed their romance on social media.

“Time of my life. Healthy, working, and loved,” Hadid shared on Instagram, posting pictures that showed her embracing the art director. Six months later, Hadid spoke about the challenges she experienced in her previous relationships and how she has now moved forward from them.

During a January 2022 episode of Victoria’s Secret “VS Voices” podcast, Hadid opened up about her upbringing. She shared that she was surrounded by men in relationships and family settings who often made her feel like her voice was less significant than theirs. This lack of support in speaking up for herself had a profound impact on her adult relationships.

The ex-Parsons School of Design student revealed that her nervous system suffered due to the weight of negative experiences. She described it as a “fight or flight” response. Hadid acknowledged that she had a pattern of returning to individuals, both men and women, who had mistreated her, and this behavior was connected to her tendency to people-please. Working on these issues became crucial for her.

In March 2022, Bella Hadid, originally from Washington D.C., explained her choice to maintain privacy regarding her love life.

“I believe that’s why our relationship has endured,” Hadid shared with Vogue. “By keeping personal matters private, we prevent outside opinions from poisoning the intimacy we share.”

Prior to meeting Kalman, Bella Hadid, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel, was in an on-again, off-again relationship with The Weeknd. Their romance began in April 2015 when the singer, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, asked Hadid to pose for the artwork in his album “Beauty Behind the Madness.” However, a year later, in November 2016, they announced their split, citing their busy schedules as the reason for the breakup.

According to an exclusive source , despite their split, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd still hold a deep love and respect for each other. They intend to remain friends, but the challenges of coordinating their schedules became too overwhelming, especially with the singer busy finishing and promoting his upcoming album. They made genuine efforts to make the relationship work.

After The Weeknd’s breakup with Selena Gomez in October 2017, it was disclosed that the 4-time Grammy winner and Bella Hadid had reconnected and were in communication again. According to a source at the time, Bella deeply missed him, and both of them were content with the current state of their relationship. The source emphasized that they were still very much in love with each other.

They reignited their romance in April 2018, sharing a kiss at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. However, their relationship came to a definitive end in August 2019.

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