'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Promises "Incredible Impact" Following Carl's Death

'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Promises

Much to the chagrin of the author Robert Kirkman. Carl dreams of a future where enemies lay down their guns and live and work together. But because of the way it looks like Rick has a wound in his side, I'm thinking this is a future scene.

The producers are definitely leaving us to wonder if this was a scene from after he buried Carl. Yet, I still suspect much of it is because of who it is and because none of us saw it coming before the mid-season finale.

The ideal future ends with Rick opening his eyes as he lies against a tree after burying his son.

Chandler Riggs: Well, the last day was when we shot the goodbye scene to Judith and it was grimy and in the sewer. Do we want him to be this white?! His right hand rests on large machete/knife, is slathered in blood and he looks exhausted and defeated.

Andrew Lincoln did see a silver lining to the loss of Chandler Riggs from the set of The Walking Dead. (It wasn't). But for what's it's worth, at least "The Walking Dead" writers didn't allow his demise to be meaningless. Throughout its run, the AMC adaptation of the Image Comics and Skybound series has taken a remix approach to the original text, adjusting the major story beats of the comics in big and small ways.

Meanwhile, Morgan (Lennie James) and Carol (Melissa McBride) reunite at the Kingdom to rescue Ezekiel, along with young Henry, Morgan's protege, who sneaked away and followed Carol after she told him not to.

Unsurprisingly, Andrew Lincoln wasn't the only member of the Walking Dead team who had a hard time dealing with Carl's death.

"The people that started this show, to me, are the heart of the show", he said. "That's not an intention there".

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How did you feel about Carl's decision to give Judith his hat? There's certainly a lot of story to tell without that central character. Just a week after the episode aired, that petition reportedly had garnered 55,000 signatures. I've seen the episode already and will dutifully avoid any spoilers here. It was only a matter of time, or a few Season 8 episodes until Riggs leaves The Walking Dead, and Lincoln wants to say goodbye ahead. While Lincoln, sources say, is confirmed to return as a series regular in season nine, that may not necessarily matter. The war ends, Rick gets Negan medical help, and then throws him in jail for the rest of his life - until they need him later and he goes through a whole redemption arc.

But in the final minute of the episode, Negan finally showed up in all his sh*t-eating grin glory!

"Listen, every single character death is different, every nuance and every moment". What you did then, how you stopped fighting, it was right. The result of this all happening is, hopefully, a compelling and exciting drama - with the key word being surprising. Alexandria's bigger, there's new houses, crops, people working. "That's open for discussion".

What the what? Is this the end of Rick Grimes? That brief moment aggressively reminded us there aren't as many demons populating the Saviors as it appears.

The future that viewers see with "Old Man Rick" sporting the gray beard, the future with Eugene and Negan playing nice with Rick and company is a fantasy.

Can Rick go back to the way he was? Frankly, based on the final image of Rick bleeding out of his chest, we have more pressing concerns about Rick's stomach than Negan's place in the narrative.

The following contains spoilers about "The Walking Dead's" February 25 midseason premiere. All three plot lines revolve around the idea Carl is trying to not just share, but impose upon Rick, and that is what comes next? Sound off in the comments section below and keep checking for more coverage of season eight.

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