MmmBaku: Winston Duke's Black Panther M'Baku Character Has Folks Thirsting Heavy

MmmBaku: Winston Duke's Black Panther M'Baku Character Has Folks Thirsting Heavy”

For a genre that has been done time and time again that many people are becoming worn out of, "Black Panther" is a substantial film that does not waste its voice. They may not appreciate the significance of "Black Panther" yet but they enjoyed getting to see it with their classmates. But it doesn't quite soar as breathlessly as the Rotten Tomatoes score might suggest.

He said he appreciated the role of the women in the almost all-black cast, specifically noting the female warriors serving as the royal guard for the main character who is both a king and a superhero. After his arrival, a new and powerful enemy appears, putting T'Challa's strength as a king and Black Panther to the test.

"Black Panther", for all the praise it has received for bringing black people greater prominence on screen, also elevates women - and in a big way. T'Chaka realizes he must again become the Black Panther and fight to secure Wakanda's future. Equal parts modern and historic, it tells a story that is both Shakespearean and Disneyesque, showcasing a black society untouched by colonization and light years ahead of the rest of the world.

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The king is threatened by the Afrikaner villain Klaue, pronounced "claw" (Andy Serkis, made up to look like a roadie for the band Die Antwoord), as well as Erik (Michael B. Jordan), an African-American war vet with a strong personal connection to the royal family. Wakanda is not unlike Thor's homeworld of Asgard-focused on combat and honor, secrets kept by the king, and a good amount of palace intrigue. As for readers coming fresh out of the film?

The film has many interesting ideas. Behind the smokescreen of a third-world African nation lies a bustling metropolis more technologically advanced than any country on Earth.

In the end, T'Challa realizes that his fathers traditional, isolationist policies helped create the problem of Killmonger, and that it would be a bigger disservice to the world to continue on in that manner. "We always knew we wanted to do it someday", he said. Black Panther is a beautifully inclusive celebration of black history and culture, where incredible actors of colour have been given roles of a lifetime-which is so important for people who are not used to seeing themselves represented in pop culture, let alone in a huge superhero blockbuster movie. As a result, the film isn't all that suspenseful-it's easy to guess where the film goes next. After this team up, Captain America offered Black Panther membership into The Avengers.

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