Don't try the Tide Pod Challenge!

Don't try the Tide Pod Challenge!”

In the seven-minute video, Const. Robb Hartlen reminds people that a banana and Timbit are safe to eat, but that a Tide pod or Timbit package are not.

"My 16-year-old son has been making all these jokes about Tide Pods and showing me all the memes with them and he saw that they had them here with the donuts and so I told him I would buy him some", said Melissa Beshirs, a Haysville resident.

Vinnie's isn't the only one hoping to stop kids from eating Tide pods.

At the peak of the Tide Pod Challenge's virality, a GIF of Oprah Winfrey eating on stage was tweeted out and became a meme joking that she epitomised the feeling of eating a detergent pack.

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It's all thanks to a meme called "the Tide pod Challenge" - where people dare each other online to snack down on the detergent packets. "This is bad. Children are going to see these and associate them with Tide Pods".

Even Tide says their product is for laundry, not human consumption.

"A recent trend among teenagers ingesting the packets - and uploading videos to various internet platforms including video-sharing websites, social media, and vlogging platforms - has caused significant concern among poison control centers", added a spokesperson for the American Association of Poison Control Centers. DOING LAUNDRY. Nothing else. The company has recently enlisted National Football League star Rob Gronkowski to appear in a company-sponsored video to deter teens from eating the detergent packets. In December 2015, The Onion posted a satirical narrative from the perspective of a little boy with the intent of eating a Tide POD.

"I got up early and immediately started making them", Berthiaume, co-owner of Vinnie's Pizzeria in New York City, told As It Happens host Carol Off. In July 2017, they posted a satirical news article about a new sour apple flavored Tide POD. "Our Pied Pods have the bright, alluring colors that youths crave BUT are 100 percent edible and 100 percent not poison", the pizzeria wrote on Instagram. The result, time and time again, is that there's so much detergent in one Pod most people barely get past the point of breaking the plastic skin before they need to spit the whole thing out in a soapy mess. Safety is no laughing matter, ' Tide said in a statement.

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