Xbox One is officially no longer available to buy

Xbox One is officially no longer available to buy”

So from now on, your only option is the Xbox One S or forthcoming Xbox One X. Microsoft has been adamant that the Xbox One X can run better/faster/stronger than the PS4 Pro, but has offered little definitive proof. The original Xbox One has actually disappeared from the company's online store in the United States without a trace.

The Xbox One X, a newer version of the console featuring more powerful components, hits in November.

Last week, Microsoft claimed the Xbox One X is the "fastest selling Xbox pre-order ever" without giving out any actual numbers.

Although it's leaving behind the original Xbox One, we can be sure that a new phase of this device is coming soon. Imagine you're playing on Xbox One and your friend has the same game on PC, another one has it on PlayStation and another one uses Nintendo Switch.

You can see from a few images in this post that the Xbox has significantly more detail than the Pro; the images come from the upcoming Tomb Raider release that will deliver the higher resolution for the Xbox One X.

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It is now being speculated that these games could have been part of the old listing for backwards compatible Xbox 360 games for Xbox One.

If you wanted an Xbox, you would have two options. The original console has been officially discontinued. It also features a 4k-Blu-Ray player and it also features a very appealing price tag of $300.

"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" has been the only biggest title being added this year to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list.

If you are looking to get yourself an Xbox One S, there are some nice bundle deals available, including the Forza Horizon 3 bundle, Halo Wars 2 bundle, Gears of War 4 bundle, and Battlefield 1 Special Edition bundle. It thus makes no sense for the original Xbox to still be in production or sale.

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