Washing your hands? Hot tap or cold?

Washing your hands? Hot tap or cold?”

Researchers say there was no difference in the amount of bugs removed as the temperature of the water or the amount of soap changed.

The Food Standards Agency in the United Kingdom just states that they must provide washbasins for cleaning hands must have hot and cold running water, soap and materials for hygienic drying.

Schaffner says these findings are significant, especially when it comes to water usage and conservation as using cold water tends to save more energy than warm or hot water.

"People need to feel comfortable when they are washing their hands, but as far as effectiveness, this study shows us that the temperature of the water used didn't matter", said Donald Schaffner, a specialist in food science at the university.

The amount of soap used did not affect the results, but the researchers believe that more research could be useful to establish the optimal type and amount of soap that reduces bacterial loads.

Washing your hands in hot water may be utterly pointless as scientists say cold water is just as effective to kill germs.

In this study, scientists at Rutgers University-New Brunswick wanted to find out if popular assumptions about the benefits of warm or hot water and official guidance on hot water - given to the food industry in the U.S. - held true.

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The song takes about 20 seconds, which is the amount of time people should wash their hands.

Most of us are taught that washing hands with hot water and soap is key to keeping germs at bay.

Despite the study only including a small number of participants, executive director of the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) Ian Culbert says it was nonetheless a well-designed study that was still able to offer an interesting perspective on the long-debated issue.

The researchers said more work needs to be done to establish the optimum conditions for washing hands, though at least one of their scenarios suggested that the amount of time you spend lathering soap onto your hands might count for more than how long or at what water temperature you wash them.

"It's an interesting piece of information in the overall study of hand washing", he says. For the study, 21 volunteers had their hands covered with a harmless bacteria multiple times over a 6 month period. Just make sure to wash your hands.

Often we get advised to use warm water, because it's thought to be better at getting rid of germs.

Antibacterial soaps were banned in the USA a year ago after claims they do "more harm than good".

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