Google announces Project "Treble" to deliver faster Android updates

Google announces Project

In a nutshell, it aims to significantly lessen the burden on third-party phone manufacturers so they can deliver updates in a timely fashion. It is separating the vendor implementation from Android OS framework.

Easily the most annoying aspect of using an Android phone (with the exception of Pixel/Nexus) is slow updates. appears that Google may just try and tackle the problem in the forthcoming Android O operating system.

The worse news? Google still doesn't have an answer for the other half of the Android fragmentation issue: The wireless carriers that continue to block other updates, including security updates.

It's that time of the year again: Google unveiling some initiative or whatever with the aim of improving the disgusting Android update mess.

Google is acutely aware of this and believes it has found a way for manufacturers to speed the process up for the forthcoming Android O update. Plus, to ensure forward compatibility, validation of the vendor interface would be provided by a new Vendor Test Suite (VTS). Device makers modify the new release again as needed for their devices. With Project Treble in place on Android O, device manufacturers such as Samsung will be able to release Android updates to their devices without waiting for chip partners such as Qualcomm to first release their own software updates.

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This seems like a good idea, but sadly, it won't be backported to older Android versions.

Google's Project Treble sounds like a pretty major update to Android, and it's good to see Google continue to work to make Android OS updates easier and faster for device makers.

Google says having such an interface will give device makers direct access to the hardware-specific parts of Android O.

Finally, Google is working with those same companies to entice them to bring core Android changes and bug fixes - from country and carrier-specific improvements to actual features - and bring them into the Android Open Source Project.

It's just five days until the Google I/O keynote but the company can't help itself: it has pre-announced what could be one of the most important changes to Android since its inception.

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